Step by Step Piano Lessons

Learning how to play the piano will help you gain a well-rounded understanding of music. The piano is the core instrument to being able to understand all music. After all, we’re making musicians, not just piano players. Within just weeks of these piano lessons you will be able to understand:

  • Major Scales
  • Major and Minor Chords
  • Scale Degrees
  • Composition of chords and melodies

Within months of taking these piano lessons you will be able to compose your own songs, improvise, play by ear, and read chord charts. Our piano students have come long ways since beginning their lessons and we are confident that you will too if you just practice and use all the tools given to you by your instructor.

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What to expect at our Piano discovery session

  • What kind of music you like.
  • Some of your favorite songs that you want to play.
  • For Beginners: How to hold the Guitar and then play some notes
  • For others, warm up your fingers so we can play.
  • What’s your goals? Just having fun, wanting to join a band, looking for a career in music?
  • What is hard for your, is there something you don’t like about the guitar.
  • What are then next steps

Piano Lesson Enrollment

We have rolling admission so you can start anytime during the month and our tuition is affordable and fair. The studio rate is $20.00 per half hour. We ask that you pay for four consecutive lessons at a time. Upon enrollment, a lesson time will be assigned based on the instructors’ time available. Since the teachers are contracted and paid per scheduled lesson, students are required to attend all scheduled lessons on time. Please be sure to choose a time that you can commit to on a regular basis. To reserve your space on your instructor’s schedule please be consistent with payment in advance of each four week billing cycle.

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Let’s Play Some Music!

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